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We are recruiting Senegal’s most unconventional and promising leaders to build a nation where all children can thrive.

Transform Yourself & The Lives Children
The Jambaar Fellowship is an intensive, difficult, yet highly rewarding two-year transformational leadership experience. Designed to give aspiring revolutionary leaders the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they contribute to transforming the education system. Jambaar serves as full-time elementary teachers in disinvested primary schools to transform outcomes for ALL children, deepen their understanding of the education landscape and gain an in-depth understanding of the roots of education injustice. As an Alumni, Jambaar works in positions of influence on a global and local level to lead a radically different education and social system where all children have the opportunity to thrive.

Why Jambaar Fellowship?

  • Help Your Country overcome one of its greatest challenges
  • Transform outcomes for children
  • Partner with community members to transform communities

Jambaar Fellowship Experience

  • Mandatory 6-week residential institute
  • Two Year Placement as a Full-Time Teacher
  • Comprehensive Leadership Coaching & Support
  • Global Alumni Network

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