We value impact-driven leadership development and seek to embody such values through our Fellowship Program. We invite young Senegalese leaders from home and abroad to serve as full-time teachers in underserved communities, as well as gain first-hand awareness of the education crisis in Senegal.


In two years, our fellows will establish and work towards earnest goals that will help their pupils realize and reach their full potential. While doing so, fellows will develop their own leadership skills and contribute to potential solutions. Through teaching Senegal’s future with TFS, fellows will benefit from the following:


Exclusive Global Network

Teacher Certification

Scholarship Opportunities 

Preference from Partner Companies

Pre-Service Training 

School Orientation Experience

One week structured observation in a public primary school.

Summer  Institute

A six-week intensive program of professional studies and practice and subject studies, including at least seven days in schools, four of which include teaching practice.

Training Throughout 2021-2022 Academic Year

Curriculum-Based Training 

Development sessions are held every six weeks. Individual subject training and support from Mentor, based on the reflective Journal and weekly meeting. Observations/visits from a content Mentor.

Skills Training

Program of professional training provided by the Mentor. Visits/observation from a mentor every semester during first year of fellowship, and every quarter during second year of fellowship.

Individualized Training

Bi-weekly meeting with Mentor supporting on-going individualized school-based context training, which will also promote development towards the effective.


Monthly (or as needed) therapy sessions with TFS therapists to help with personal development.


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