What We Do

Teach For Senegal recruits, equips, and places participants selected into our Fellowship to teach in Senegal’s most underserved schools and disadvantaged communities for a minimum of 2 years. Our mission is to enlist, mobilize, and develop as many of our country’s future leaders to work collectively towards systemic change in education.


One day, every child in our country ( Senegal)  will have the opportunity to fulfill their full potentials through excellent education.


When our students are 25 years old, they will have completed 12 years of education that supports their natural development, follows their interests and passions to develop strong skills in academics, leadership, self-discipline, responsibility,  and independence. They will be proud of Senegalese who will approach life with a strong sense of optimism, passion, empathy,  and curiosity.  They will be leaders who are globally aware of the skills and mindsets needed to navigate the global arena. They will be proud of their tribal, Senegalese identity and will see this as a means of uniting and healing their communities and people. Our children will be aware of all the systems of injustices that exist and still take risks, explore, and understand that the only limits they have are those they put on themselves.


Work Alongside Local Communities

We believe it is those who are experiencing inequity who have the solutions already-they are just waiting to be heard. Teach For Senegal works closely with local communities to understand the root causes of educational inequity.

Offer a Fellowship

We offer a fully paid

two-year leadership development fellowship through teaching at underserved schools by recruiting outstanding university graduates and young professionals. 

Institute & Train

Selected fellows will go through an initial eight-week training where they will be equipped with student-centered methods, 21st-century teaching, resources on how to incorporate local languages and culture into the classroom, also well as leadership pedagogy.


Fellows are placed in rural low-income government primary schools as full-time teachers. We place in rural government schools because there is need and opportunity.

Provide Ongoing Support

Throughout the two-year fellowship, our Fellows receive additional teacher training, leadership and professional development to enable them to achieve success with their students and for life after teaching. 

Address Social Determinants

In the second year of their fellowship, each fellow will spend time researching a social challenge in the community hindering children’s coming, staying and succeeding in school.

Systemic Change

Our goal is to create a network of like-minded alumni leaders who will become policymakers, founders of advocacy organizations, social entrepreneurs, and business leaders-working collectively towards ending education inequality in Senegal.