What We Do

To overcome the complex systemic factors which lead to poor outcomes. We need a movement of diverse leaders pioneering solutions in and out classroom while working alongside schools, government officials, and local communities to reimagine a new educational paradigm.
Teach For Senegal recruits Senegal's most promising leaders, provides them with international Montessori Training, critical pedagogy, indigenous knowledge, historical perspectives, and leadership support. These Leaders (Jambaar - Warrior in Pulaar) are placed in their community as full-time public primary school teachers for a minimum of 2 years.


 To enlist, mobilize, and develop as many of our country’s future leaders to work collectively towards systemic change in education.




One day every child in Senegal will have access to an excellent holistic education that compassionately nurtures their potential, and equips them with the proficiencies, agency, and awareness they need to achieve liberation for themselves and their communities.They will be proud of their tribal and Senegalese identity and will see this as a means of uniting and healing their communities and people.


Work Alongside Local Communities

We believe it is those who are experiencing inequity who have the solutions already-they are just waiting to be heard. Teach For Senegal works closely with local communities to understand the root causes of educational inequity.

Offer a Fellowship

We offer a fully paid

two-year leadership development fellowship through teaching at underserved schools by  recruiting and selecting diverse and promising future leaders (called Jambaar) to channel their energy into expanding opportunity for children in Senegal.

Institute & Train

Jambaar attends a 6-week initial training course and begins an International Montessori Diploma to equip them with pedagogical and leadership skills.


Teach For Senegal places participants as full-time teachers for at least two years in Senegal under-resourced schools and communities.

Provide Ongoing Jambaar Support

Teach For Senegal supports and develops participants leadership preparing them to work with community members, families, and local leaders towards a shared vision for student success & to gain the foundation for a lifetime of leadership for children

Cultivate Leadership

Teach For Senegal cultivates long-term collective leadership among alumni, allies, and community members in pursuit of progress towards the vision for student success.

Share & Adapt Solutions

Teach For Senegal's staff, Jambaar, alumni and allies will connect with Teach For All

network partner organizations and peers to share solutions to accelerate progress in

communities worldwide.