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Teach For Senegal began with an ambitious mission to transform the education system in Senegal. By catalyzing a nationwide movement of impact-driven leaders, we seek to provide access to an excellent education for all children across the country.


While Senegal has played a leading role in the promotion of global commitments to ensure the right to education, less than half of its citizens are literate, and significant challenges remain in providing quality education for all children.


In Senegal, the socio-economic circumstances that a child is born into determines the type of school they will attend, the quality of life outcomes they will attain as an adult, and the kind of opportunities they pass on to their children.


of Senegalese are below the age of 15


of Senegalese speak French at home even though it's the language of instruction



of children living in rural communities never attend school

of Senegalese children  make it to university

We believe that excellent education is a fundamental right for all children

To tackle educational inequity in Senegal, we must support the people in our local communities who suffer its consequences to take the lead in the fight for change. We believe that a crucial path to unlocking the leadership of these communities lies in recruiting local graduates to teach in local schools and serve as life-long advocates afterward.

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