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Our story at Teach for Senegal is deeply personal to me. Born in Podor, Senegal, I grew up with an illiterate mother who never let her circumstances hinder her support for her children in the U.S. My father was equally committed to fighting inequity, instilling in me a sense of purpose from a young age.

Inspired by my family's resilience, I embarked on a mission to address educational disparities. Starting with service work as a Teach For America Corp member, I eventually shifted my focus from becoming a lawyer to teaching in underserved communities.

Recognizing the need for systemic change, I founded Teach For Senegal in 2019. Today, alongside my dedicated team, we're partnering with the Senegalese government and local communities to empower youth through education.

Our goal is clear: to decolonize education, nurture consciously driven leaders, and harness the collective power of communities and voices to drive systemic change.

- Raby Gueye
 Founder & Executive Director 

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Our Team

Executive Director

Ibrahima Sall

Program Coordinator

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Nia Seale 

Montessori Trainer

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